What do you need? 

  • game board (You can download and print it out down below)
  • Dice
  • Pawns (and if you don’t have any, liquorice or m&m’s work too)
  • The playing cards (click on the link below)
  • A (digital) connection with your colleagues
  • Time for fun!

How do you win this game?

You will be asked a few questions in 7 categories that are linked to Flight Forum. The first one to answer a question correctly in each of the categories wins!

How does it work?

  1. Pick a quiz master. This person’s task will be to share their screen with the playing cards and manage the game board.
  2. The quiz master prints out the game board and will manage this for everyone.
  3. Player 1 throws a dice. 
  4. Player 1’s pawn can be moved in all directions on the board. (You’ll need to tell the quiz master how you want to move). You’ll have to answer a question in whichever category you land on.
  5. The quiz master will navigate to the right category on this website.
  6. Answer the question in the category you landed on.
  7. Don’t forget to keep count of the score.
  8. Now it’s player 2’s turn.
  9. Continue until someone has won!

Can you stop your opponent’s progress by landing on the same square? Do you have to perform a certain task if you throw a 3? Feel free to add your own rules!